The Story Keepers is a new local business that captures your family’s stories and memories through Life Story Films and Audio Recordings.

Kensal Rise resident and founder of The Story Keepers, Alice Mayers, witnessed the powerful impact of oral history through her career in museums, heritage and cultural organisations.  Alice is now bringing this opportunity of a recorded life story interview to the public (and private clients).

Capturing stories and memories is a beautiful thing to do for  all generations. Alice gets real satisfaction from helping storytellers tell their story. The whole process of recalling and reflecting on life, or particular moments, is hugely enjoyable, rewarding, empowering and even cathartic. The benefits are magnified when the story is commissioned by a family member. After all, what is more loving and respectful than asking a family member or a friend to record their stories for you?

And for the friends and family, the benefits are equally significant: a legacy to hand down through the generations; an opportunity to understand where you have come from; your unique family history; and the comfort of knowing the family story has been captured for posterity.

Alice is currently recording a grandmothers’ recollections.  During the last one hundred years her family has been hugely affected by world events.  The family has also been shaped by more gradual changes in society; female emancipation and greater political and religious freedom.  While her granddaughters will one day learn of these things in school, through their grandmother’s stories, they will know where and how their own family was shaped.

More than that, they will always be able to hear their grandmother’s voice, and experience her humour, her mannerisms and expressions.


Alice Mayers (L) with a client

There is one challenge that Alice commonly finds: clients say that broaching the subject of interviewing family members or friends and recording their memories feels difficult.  There is often a worry that, if we ask to record someone’s memories, they may think we are implying that their time is running out or that they are losing their memory.

But recording a voice, capturing a memory and preserving life stories is something that we can (and should) do at any age.  When we ask friends and relatives to make a recording we are saying to them that their life and what they have to say about it, is important to us and to others,  And that is a message that we can all appreciate.

The Story Keepers offers three film and audio packages, with a number of optional add-ons.   Prices starting from £300*.

  • – A two hour filmed interview covering a few chosen topics, stories and memories
  • – A four hour filmed interview which explores the story teller’s history in greater depth
  • – A two or four hour audio recorded interview.   These can also be turned into a beautiful illustrated book.

Prior to the interview, Alice will speak to the client about any requirement or concerns they may have, as well as the topics they don’t wish to cover. This conversation will help set the tone of the interview and steer the editing process. The session usually takes place at the client’s home, or a comfortable place of their choosing.


To purchase a package, a gift token, or just to find out more, give Alice a call on 07903 582 474 or visit *

For instagram updates, visit @thestorykeepersuk 

* The Story Keepers is offering a 10% discount for all Queen’s Park Mums members – simply mention QPM’s when booking.

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