We are privileged at Queen’s Park Mums to learn about a wide range of businesses set up by local entrepreneurial women – and sometimes we stumble across one that’s so fab, we can’t help but wish we’d thought of it ourselves.  One such business is Room for Help, a home-sharing agency, matching homeowners looking for extra help around the house with individuals looking for affordable accommodation in London.

Launched two years ago by local Queen’s Parker Stephanie Rolando, Room for Help came about off the back of Stephanie’s first hand experiences of living in London on a budget.  Stephanie told us she came across the concept of ‘home sharing’ whilst looking for her own accommodation and thought there should be a company making it safer and easier to use. Having lived with her Grandmother in Queen’s Park when she first moved to London, Stephanie recognised how beneficial it is to build intergenerational friendships, particularly in light of the large numbers of lonely residents currently in our city.

The workings of the business model are relatively simple (but effective).  Upon finding a suitable match, the ‘Helper’ using the service will receive a room in London for £250pcm and the homeowner will receive up to 15 hours of help a week. This help can be anything from pet sitting, child care or companionship for an elderly homeowner.

Room for Help doesn’t charge the homeowners anything for their services, all they ask is that they provide a safe and welcoming environment for their sharers.

Stephanie Rolando, founder of Room for Help, with Nicola Heathcote and Anne Cherniavsky, users of the service, in Anne's apartment in London, 9 May 2018.

Stephanie Rolando, founder of Room for Help, with Nicola and Anne , users of the service

The entire match-making process is very well considered, with Stephanie and her team finding both the rooms and the right person to share via home visits, interviews, checks and introductions.  The ongoing relationship is then managed by Room for Help who are always on hand as / when needed.

Areas covered are generally zones 1-5 but Stephanie tells us they often brach out to areas with direct transport into London.

Having had a lovely chat with Stephanie, we understand why her business is going from strength to strength and why there is such a demand for this type of service.  Room for Help already has a number of really happy clients, including homeowner Emma –

“Room for Help did a fantastic job of finding a good match to live with my 80-year old mother. They took the time to understand my mum’s personality and interests before recommending someone, who has now been living with her for six months very successfully. Agency founder Stephanie was very professional and responsive. I highly recommend Room for Help for anyone who is considering a homeshare arrangement.”

If you would like to become a Helper or are a Homeowner looking for a Helper, please get in touch with Stephanie or her business partner Giorgia at info@roomforhelp.com or follow the Room for Help journey via their Instagram & Twitter pages.

Stephanie Rolando, founder of Room For Help, photographed in London, 3 May 2018. Edit Note: Pre-saturated final high res image

Stephanie Rolando, founder of Room For Help


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