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Monday mornings aren’t scary for local husband and wife team Eloise and Alex Trippier as they have been running their action-packed 30-minute weekly music classes for babies and toddlers Monkey Music on Monday mornings on Salusbury Road for 10 years. Alex knows most of us struggle to start the week but for him it’s differerent “I love Monday mornings – our Queen’s Park classes have a real sense of community and I love that so many parents (& carers) return with their third or even fourth child.”

Eloise and Alex have understood the frustrations of parents unable to bag themselves a place on the Monday morning classes, so they’ve taken the plunge and expanded their local options…

Local families have been asking for a Friday morning for a while as this seems to be a popular day to take off for those heading back to work” says Alex.

What’s more, with the memories of their own children’s naps between 10-11am still fresh in their minds, Alex and Eloise have added a Wednesday afternoon class on Chamberlayne Road,“so hopefully there will be something to suit everyone’s schedule and it will also make it easier for families to do catch-up classes if they can’t make it one week” says Alex.


Eloise and Alex are quite unique in the Monkey Music family as they run three central London  franchises (along with Eloise’s brother Zed) which can have up to 900 children attending classes each week across their 20 venues. Eloise said “It’s a funny thing to realise you’re a baby music expert – I used to work in TV production and Alex was an actor – but there you go! Alex sometimes teaches 350 children a week personally and he’s been doing it for 10 years so he must know what he’s doing.”

In fact, in 2012 Alex was awarded ‘Most Outstanding Activity Leader for Under 5s’in a national competition voted for by parents. He jokes it’s time to get a more up to date time stamp on it.


Monkey Music’s action-packed 30-minute weekly music classes for babies and toddlers have a range of classes to choose from including those for babiestoddlers and 2 & 3 year olds.

Classes are fun, interactive, stimulating and support your child’s development. There are four distinct levels, one for each year of a child’s pre-school life, with the last level (age 3 & 4) including the basics of notation and learning about the orchestra.

Simply click links below to see times and book your first FREE Class with membership also reduced from £18 to £1 for QPM’s card holders!  

Classes are £12 per class when booking for the full term (payment only for the number of classes left in the term after your free trial class).

Monday mornings, 125 Salusbury Road, NW6 6RG
Wednesday afternoons, 1 Wrentham Avenue, NW10 3HT
Friday mornings, Lydford Hall, W9 3EW


Monkey Music is celebrating its 25th year of delivering its award-winning curriculum.

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