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Finding a class to engage, educate and inspire young children can be tricky – and all children of course respond differently to activities and games.  However, in those very early years, before vocabulary comes in, infants make no distinction between music, language, singing and speech – and young children can imitate the rhythm of a language long before saying words.  And this is why Little Bilinguals can be so wonderful for younger children.

Run by experienced modern languages teacher Caroline Nelson, the Little Bilinguals classes engage children through original songs in Spanish and French which are thoughtfully combined with Makaton signs.

Caroline launched Little Bilinguals after experiencing first hand how signing whilst speaking encourages the development of communication and language skills whilst caring for her ill child.  Caroline told us she was amazed at how effective she saw this being for children of all ages and abilities, so worked hard to apply this same method to learning a foreign language.

What makes Little Bilinguals unique, is the fact that it is the only language school which teaches languages through  this simple but brilliant combination of singing and Makaton Signing. Most parents have now heard of or seen the “Something Special” series on BBC, and many nurseries now offer Makaton as an integrated part of their daily programme.  The beauty of this approach is that it is accessible to all ages and abilities.


Little Bilinguals has been running for ten years and has a has a three phase programme in primary schools and venues throughout North West London

  • Baby Bilinguals (babies/toddlers) 
  • Little Bilinguals     KS 1
  • Bigger Bilinguals  KS 2

Another element that appears to make Little Bilinguals stand out from so many other language clubs is that Caroline is constantly adding to the song base, which means she can ensure that the children progress with real meaning and can eventually contextualise what they have learnt. 

One of the highlights of the course (for both children and parents/carers) is the end of term show where they can show off their accents and sing their beautifully learnt songs.

It is clear that Caroline is extremely passionate about youngsters being given the opportunity to learn a language at a really early age and her vision has led to a great many happy families.  We’ll leave you with a few heartfelt testimonials…

Now I know where my money is going to, we thought you just played games.. I can’t believe how much she has learnt in so short a space of time,, and what an accent!” Parent of reception child

Learning a language through songs, signs and music, is a fantastic way of getting children engaged.  My daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons with Caroline and has picked up lots of basic Spanish, with a wonderful accent as well!!” Karen Paige

My kids, Oliver (3) and Zoe (1), have been going to Caroline Nelson for over a year now. Even though I don’t speak Spanish myself, I was interested in them learning a language through play. Caroline is fantastic in engaging the kids with her wonderful collection of toy animals, easy-to-learn songs and the Makaton signs. Even Zoe can join in with signing and dancing along, even though she can’t speak yet. Highly recommend!”  Victoria Rennoldson

“It works, it’s easy – and I get to learn Spanish too along with baby signing / makaton, which comes in handy!  Really wish I’d done this with my first, instead of the usual sing and sign which has little use past the age of 2.” Anna Baker

Singing songs really helps you learn Spanish – my favourite at the moment is the “Los meses del año” song” Sean

Little Bilinguals classes (4months – 3 years):

Spanish for Children:

Wednesdays: Gracelands Yard, 102 Liddell Gardens, Kensal Rise, NW10 3QE.  Autumn term starts 11th September (4m – 3y: 2.15pm & 3-6y: 4.15pm)

Mondays: The Sherriff Centre, St James Church, Sherriff Road, London NW6 2AP.  Autumn term starts 9th September (4m – 3y: 10.30am).

French for Children:

Mondays: The Sheriff Centre, St James Church, Sherriff Road, London NW6 2AP.  Autumn term starts 9th September (4m – 3y: 11.30am).

Receive your first lesson FREE and then 15% off when you buy a Flexi pass, quoting QPM’s. 

Use the Hoop booking link to sign up to the classes.


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