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Finding the inclination to exercise can be a difficult task but we all know it’s a necessary one.  Whether we like it or not, our bodies need regular maintenance and apparently running around after our kids doesn’t cut the mustard. 

Knowing this all too well and lamenting over our lazy post-christmas bods, the call to try one of James Donnelly’s complimentary personal training sessions in our favourite park was a welcome invitation.

Local personal trainer James – known as Don, has always had fitness at heart, having played competitive sports throughout his school years.  After a brief spell in finance and retail, Don knew a career in fitnesss was where his heart belonged and began his foray into personal training years some ago at a well-known gym.

More recenlty, Don has branched out on his own, with a number of existing clients following him to his own PT practice Don360.  Don mainly trains outdoors as both himself and his clients generally prefer “the fresh air rather than a sweaty, noisy gym” and wants his clients to both “look and feel physically and mentally healthy.”  Ultimately, Don’s objective he tells us, is to vere away from the social media fitness trends and make exercise both enjoyable and part of our weekly routines.


Don’s sessions are fun and dynamic set out to achieve specific goals.  As well as individual sessions, Don holds group sessions in Queen’s Park specifically designed for both pre and post natal women.  Don tells us the exercises have been modified to specifically focus on building core strength in a safe and controlled way. 

Don’s individual sessions also have huge merits as the “one on one focus is really useful for perfecting exercises, and pinpointing the exact needs of the individual.”  Having tried one ourselves, we can vouch for this as we came away invigorated and full of energy (and boy our muscles felt it the next day)!

Minimal equipment is used by Don as he believes body weight suffices for almost any exercise be he does always bring his TRX cables, skipping rope and boxing gear.

If you’re not quite ready to schedule in a PT session after the birth of a baby or you’re simply a little worried about your fitness levels, Don advises you start gently and focus on doing a full body workout using just your body weight.  Don advises the following workout three times a week to start with and increasing the exercise time / pace when you’re ready:

3 sets, 30 secs each, 15 secs rest between exercises

Press Ups (Knees)
Star Jumps
Tricep Dips



PT sessions are held either in Queen’s Park, at client’s homes or gardens, or in a local rented studio if the weather becomes an issue

Pre & Post natal sessions are at 10.15am on Wednesdays in Queen’s Park, near the bandstand.

To book in a FREE taster session with Don or find out more info on the QP group sessions, simply contact direct on or 0777 1738 453 and if you sign up to any of his packages, you’ll receive 15% off off when quoting QPM’s.


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