The new revolutionary waterless car wash that comes to you

A few of us Queen’s Park parents were recently talking about the state of our cars, and needless to say, most of us would rather eat over-cooked Brussel sprouts than offer someone a lift in our car without at least a days notice!   The endless crumbs lining the car seats and floor – and the inevitable tree sap and pollution that sticks to our family wagons every summer leaves us a little ashamed.

Now although we’d love nothing more than a clean and sparkling car, we simply don’t have the inclination or motivation to queue up at car washes (even at the shopping centre!).  What’s more, with this heatwave and hose pipe bans being banded around, the idea of using gallons of water on a car doesn’t seem quite justified….

So we couldn’t have been happier when Wash Doctors got in touch to see if we’d like to road test (sorry) their unique car washing services.  

Wash Doctors is no ordinary car wash service.  It’s in fact a car valeting service that comes to you (by bicycle no less) with, wait for it – no water!  

The concept is simple.  Simply download the Wash Doctors app, pinpoint your car’s location and how long you’re parked for, and the rest is done for you.

The idea came about when two childhood friends Will Mapstone and Christian Steele decided it was time to shake the car wash industry on its head and founded the Wash Doctors app on the principle of saving time and the planets precious water. Will, Founder & CEO, says, “We want to give back the luxury of free time and maintaining an incredibly clean car, sustainably.”


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We recently had the opportunity to experience the service first hand and were simply fascinated by the whole process.  The car washer arrived within half an hour of using the app – on his bicycle – and got to work with all that he had in his back pack.  It took longer than a traditional car wash, but with one man, some re-usable micro-fibre cloths and a bottle of super formula spray, it’s hardly surprising!  It made absolutely no difference to us however as the car was cleaned beautifully both inside and out well within the time we had stated the car would be parked for – even in the scorching thirty degree heat!

To date, Wash Doctors have saved an amazing one million bottles worth of water reviving cars in West London. Their professional washers earn 80% of every wash, and revive your car using just 0.5 litres of a ‘revolutionary solution’, developed in California. 

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Will says, “By switching to waterless, you have the power to save over 99% of water otherwise wasted at a traditional car wash.”

What’s more, Wash Doctors are on a mission to help improve global access to clean water.  Recognising the water crisis to be greater than car washing, the team have pledged 5% of their profits made from loyal customers’ (every 4 waterless washes booked) cars to the charity: water’s global water projects. 

This charity is renowned for their transparent and accountable 100% donation model, bringing safe, clean water to over 8.2 million people to date. The team are also fundraising by running the Richmond Half Marathon this September.

We love this new concept in car washing, and with such high eco-credentials, we really do hope it becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Wash Doctors is offering QPM’s 20% off the first wash using code CARWASH20, and can be booked for same day washing, or up to six days in advance.



This article includes sponsored content but all experiences are truthful and opinions our own.

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