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By Severine Etienne for Queen’s Park Mums

We are big advocates of self-indulgence at Queen’s Park mums, but a little training never hurt anybody… in fact, regular exercise can leave us more energised and we all know a healthy lifestyle is so much more then just dropping a dress size! 

If like us you’re not so keen on the gym and prefer class environments where you can catch up with your workout buddies whilst giving your muscles a tone up, then OPUS is the right place for you. 

Building on their successful Personal Training venue on Latimer Road, Reformer Pilates Teacher David Kingsbury and his wife Sarah opened a class-based studio within the Pall Mall Deposit, which offers an extensive range of training classes and tailored services. 

As a former rugby player, David combined his performance background and personal experience in injury rehabilitation to set the bases of his approach to training and create the class concepts.


David Kingsbury – co-owner of OPUS Fitness

OPUS delivers highly refined classes that accommodate their clients’ varying training goals – including high intensity cardiovascular-based performance classes (PERFORM), strength classes (COMPOUND), beginner and advanced reformer Pilates classes (ALIGN), muscular endurance and tone (ISOLATE) classes as well as restorative classes (RESTORE). 

Along with the range of small group classes (a maximum of 10 people per class), OPUS offers personal training sessions for those preferring the one to one experience. All classes and PT are held at the Pall Mall Deposit on Barlby Road – just a hop, skip and a jump over the Harrow Road. The boutique fitness studio is purpose built, flooded with natural light and well stocked with the latest training equipment.

In order to ensure an unrivalled support to their clients, OPUS services extend to tailored nutrition plans, meticulously designed by their in-house nutritionist.


If you have not exercised for a while and would like to get back into training in a gentle way, we’ve learned from OPUS that the COMPOUND class is a good option as it is relatively low-impact and every client selects their own weights. In addition, OPUS will soon launch an open-level reformer Pilates class (beginner-intermediate level) which focuses on endurance-based exercises.

There is no pre- or post-natal class per se, but the majority of OPUS personal trainers are trained in both pre- and post-natal exercise prescription and have instructed many clients through their entire pregnancies. Once you have received your ‘all clear’ from your GP or obstetrician at the 6-week check-up, you are good to go and join their classes! (Please make the trainer aware at the very beginning of the class)

The various classes are held throughout the day from 7am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm at the weekend (all schedules and booking availability can be found online). We are told the 2pm, pre-school pick up class is a very popular one so you may need to be quick!


OPUS Fitness

When talking to the OPUS team, what came across was their dedication to providing outstanding levels of customer service and training quality and for these reasons we can’t help think you’ll be in the best of hands. 

QPM card holders are being offered 50% off the first two classes for new members (£12.50 for 2 classes rather than £25). To redeem the offer, simply add to the shopping basket and  use promo-code “QPM50” at checkout. 

You can book the classes online www.opusfitness.co.uk or call the studio on 0207 112 9224.  Pall Mall Deposit
124-128 Barlby Road
London W10 6BL

You can also follow OPUS via their instagram or facebook pages


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