By Anna H.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Bombshell Nails’ new Collagen Lift Radio Frequency  Facial Treatment with their highly experienced facialist Susanna – and was extremely impressed with the results. 

The treatment is a clinically proven (non-invasive) face lifting solution which claims to tighten the skin for a more youthful and luminous appearance, and best of all – smooth out fine lines and wrinkles – hurrah!  For me personally, the affects of the treatment were felt straight away as I noticed my complexion was brighter, my skin felt tighter and I had absolutely no intention of reaching for the makeup bag.  In fact, I haven’t had so many compliments on my skin since the one and only time I had professional makeup applied!

The treatment is unlike a traditional facial due to its use of a radio frequency probe gliding over each area of the face and neck alongside a conductive gel to heat the skin up to temperatures of between 37 – 43 degrees.  This in turn encourages stimulation of the collagen and skin contraction. 

There is a definite feeling of heat on the skin as the probe and heated gel glides over each area but it’s a more tingly sensation than an uncomfortable one.  If you have particularly sensitive skin however, you may feel the heat to a greater degree.

This treatment gets my vote due to the non-invasive technique for clearly visible and long-lasting results (the benefits of radio frequency can be seen for up to 3 months with results apparently lasting up to 2 years) but it is pricier than more traditional facials.  Luckily Bombshell is offering QPM’s 20% off their first treatment by simply quoting Queen’s Park Mums so there’s a lot less stopping you from giving it a go!

Price per treatment is £140; 5 treatments for £600; and £1,000 for a course of 10. 

For more information on the Collagen Lift Radio Frequency Facial Treatment, visit


We’d like to thank Bombshell Nails for their offer of testing the facial for a review on QPM’s.

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