Bassett House School

One of the best thing about Queen’s Park is the abundance of brilliant schools in and around the area.  One such school is Bassett House, a co-ed prep school located in North Notting Hill – just a short car, bus (or scoot!) ride away.

Established 70 years ago, Bassett House School displays wisdom and care in the way it creates a space in which children strive and thrive.  So it is no surprise that the children go on to some of the most sought-after secondaries in London. Only last year an academic scholarship was won to Latymer Upper.

So far, so ordinary.  But Bassett House is a hidden gem.

On closer inspection, it is a school full of surprises.  Children as young as five are taught to problem solve and think logically by programming on-screen objects and robots.  Further up the school the children learn block coding, python and html, and they have recently built their own Pi-top laptops powered by Raspberry Pi computers.  The school’s enrichment hour each week offers the children subjects as diverse as philosophy, film-making and Scottish dancing and the after-school clubs include Lego engineering, stop-motion animation and fencing, to name but a few.

fencing 500

Philippa Cawthorne, the headmistress, a bundle of energy, believes in each and every one of her children: “I’ve yet to meet a child who isn’t naturally curious. Sometimes it lies dormant, but it’s always there. Our job is to ignite this curiosity so it becomes a lifelong love of learning”.

Mrs Philippa Cawthrone mid

Headmistress of Bassett House – Mrs Phillipa Cawthorne

In the trips away from London, the essence of the school shines. Philippa encourages a growth mindset, ‘The children all know that there is no such thing as “I can’t do it”, but rather “I can’t do it YET!”’ Nowhere is this better exemplified than on the bushcraft camping trip, where the children build their own shelter under which they sleep for the night.  A great example of learning how to take risks, work in a team, achieve in the wild and have a load of fun at the same time.

IMG_5603brighter 500

The Parents’ Association is as fun warm and welcoming as you would expect from this village-like corner of Notting Hill, not at all stuffy.  Its down-to-earth tone fits very well with that of the school.

The best way to get to know the school is by visiting. The next open afternoon is on the morning of 19th May.  If that is not convenient please ring Thalia Demetriades (the registrar and a Queen’s Park resident) on 020 8969 0313 to fix up a private tour.

Bassett House School
60 Bassett Road
London W10 6JP
Telephone: 020 8969 0313


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