Be honest – how many classes do you take your little ones to that you really enjoy yourselves (the class itself and not just the chance to have the odd few snatches of half conversation and a lukewarm coffee with fellow parents…)? We all appreciate how satisfying it is to see how much they enjoy (some of) the things we take them to, but wouldn’t it be nice for a change to genuinely look forward to it yourself? Well, we have the answer – get yourselves along to a School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB) class.

imageSRBB is the brainchild of Elizabeth A. Haydn Jones. Having worked for several years as a professional musician and actor, and enjoyed writing music for her first son, she decided to share her songs with a wider audience and introduce other parents to the transformative joy of making music with their children. 4 age ranges are catered for in the classes, held in Kensal Rise (Thursday mornings) and St John’s Wood/Maida Vale (Tuesday mornings), with suitably cool names: Baby City Rollers (birth to 12 months), Toddling Wilburys (12 to 18 months), New Kids on the Rock (18 months to 2 years), Rock N’ Roll Pre-School (2 to 4 years) and SRB Buddies (3-5 years). See here for full details of classes and times.

Elizabeth’s approach to teaching music is inspired. Whilst including just enough of the standard children’s music repertoire (a zoom, zoom, zoom here, a twinkle twinkle there) so the kids can join in from the first class, most of the session is made up of her own brilliant songs and games, which are not only fun, but also introduce their tiny little minds to key musical concepts like rhythm, melody and harmony. As if that wasn’t enough, you get to listen (and dance!) to a fantastic range of musical styles, have a go on a new instrument every week and pop a few bubbles at the end of the session too (standard).

Oh, and did we mention how much fun it was? You could even take the kids if you have to…