This week we met with Clare Pidden, who runs Milestones Children’s Yoga & Baby Massage, to find out more about her classes and the benefits they can bring to the whole family. 

Tell us a bit about yourself…how did you get into teaching baby massage and yoga?

I’ve been working in various childcare roles for almost 20 years now, and in 2011 became the proud aunty to a beautiful baby girl named Amy; we attended a baby massage class together and I was blown away by the benefits of skin to skin contact. I was so inspired that I decided to train to teach baby massage; I qualified in 2012 and went on to set up Milestones. Earlier this year, I decided to train in children’s yoga, so that I could offer classes for toddlers and older children too. This summer I made the big leap and quit my nanny job to focus all my energy on teaching and making my vision of Milestones a reality.

What are the benefits of baby massage?

Baby massage has so many benefits, from helping babies to sleep better, to easing common ailments such as wind and colic, and strengthening the immune, digestive and nervous systems. It can also help with postnatal depression – massage stimulates the release of the feel-good chemical, oxytocin, and close physical contact can really help strengthen the bond between mum and baby. At the end of a session, when the massage is complete and everyone is feeding, cuddling or sleeping, you really can feel the love flowing around the room from all the endorphins being released.

What made you decide to add yoga to the mix in your classes?

milestones 150 x 150bI’m really passionate about yoga – it has so many health benefits: developing flexibility; building muscle strength; and creating a state of calm within the body and mind – especially beneficial for children who are always on the go! It can help to improve concentration and memory, improve sleep patterns and reduce stress. Learning poses with a partner teaches children important life skills such as the importance of working together, being patient, trusting others, and showing empathy.


Can you tell us a bit more about what you do in your yoga classes?

I run classes for two age groups – one for 2-4 year olds to do together with their parent(s), and one for 4-7 year olds as a drop-off.milestones 150 x 150a

In the class for little ones, every week we go on a magical adventure, learning about different countries, animals and habitats, which keeping them engaged and holding poses. We also do breathing exercises, partner poses and relaxation, followed by yoga games, or art and craft activities.

The classes for 4-7 year olds take them to the next level with their yoga, teaching them through stories, games and meditation, allowing them to use their imagination to create their own stories using their bodies.

Clare runs the following classes at Gracelands Yard, Kensal Rise*:

Baby massage and yoga courses for babies from 6 weeks old to crawling, timetable here
Classes for 2-4 year olds (for children and parents to do together), timetable here
Drop-off class for 4-7 year olds, timetable here

To book your place, email, or call 07528688734.
Clare is offering 10% off any course booking for all Queens Park Mums members, simply quote Queens Park Mums when booking.

*Clare also runs classes in Chiswick and Swiss Cotttage, click here for details