For those of you unfamiliar with osteopathy, it is a healing art which involves the diagnosis and treatment of parts of the body that have mechanical dysfunction or imbalance including muscles, ligaments, nerves & joints.  Osteopathy is a gentle and effective hands on approach to healthcare, it is based on the principle that the way your body moves influences how it is functioning. It also recognises that the body is an intrinsically self- healing, self -regulating and self -correcting organism.

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Osteopaths are highly competent healthcare professionals who are recognised by the NHS as fully qualified to diagnose and treat independently. Osteopathic treatments are designed to balance the body in an efficient way so it can function with minimum wear and tear. Treatments reduce pain and improve mobility in a range of physical ailments, ranging from neck and back pain, headaches, to chronic conditions such as arthritis. The aim is to stimulate the body’s own repair and healing processes.

Brent and Camden Osteopaths have been treating local residents for over four years at their practice in Kensal Health Works – the only dedicated osteopathy space in our area which treats patients 6 days a week. Their approach is holistic and patient-centred, focusing on patients’ individual needs; treatments are varied and may include soft tissue work, muscle stretching, articulating and manipulating joints, as well as cranial and visceral osteopathy. They believe passionately that osteopathy can be beneficial at any stage of life, from newborn to seniors.

Gillian Profile Pic 150 x 150Osteopathic treatments can be of particular interest to both mums-to-be and new mums. As practice owner, Gillian Lonsdale explains: “in the cycle from pregnancy to new mother a woman’s body undergoes immense physical, changes & strains.  In pregnancy, treatments can help relieve back pain, improve the symptoms of symphysis pubic dysfunction, help balance the effects of pregnancy on the nervous and hormonal systems and prepare for the demands of the birth. In the post-delivery stage, mothers are often so completely engaged with the needs of their newborns that there is little time to heed the body’s warning of various aches or pains. Gradual healing, adjustments in stamina and increased rest as the baby settles resolves most issues, but our experience is that some mothers will develop a niggling joint, pelvic or spinal problems that just won’t go away.  That’s why we recommend both pre and post-natal check-ups with us to support a better transition for your body throughout the whole process.”

Osteopathy can also benefit your little ones – the immense pressure on babies’ skulls during delivery canbaby check osteo 150 x 150 be the cause of sleeplessness, irritability, and even digestive issues. As Gillian explains: “as a newborn transitions from a fluid matrix of the womb to a full gravitational field, there is a critical window of time for the baby to resolve compression and rotational forces to the cranium and the body from the birthing process. Unresolved strains will tend to assimilate into their body structure.”  Babies will exhibit those strains in a variety of ways. We think checks ups for mothers and their and babies are not only desirable in terms of prevention and support, but are a positive shared experience for the family.  

mum and baby osteo 150 x 150Gillian and her team of three osteopaths regularly see babies and children for cranial osteopathy treatments, during which very specific light pressure is applied to the necessary parts of the body to assist with the body’s natural release of stresses and tensions. The sessions themselves are safe, gentle and relaxing – babies will often sleep or feed during treatment.

Gillian has been working with children for 25 years and particularly enjoys this aspect of her work: “the screening of babies (and mothers) is the most worthwhile work I do as an osteopath – it’s great to know you have helped get a new life off to a good start!”

Brent and Camden Osteopaths are offering the following deals via the Queens Park Mums Card

– Special Queens Park Day Deal –
Free screening consultation (45 mins) for baby or child when either parent books a full consultation (60 mins). Available 13 – 21 September only. Pick up your Kensal Health Works voucher from the Queen’s Park Mum stand on Queens Parks Day, the free child consultation is valid for 6 months once validated.
– 21 September – 1 January: 25% off a full consultation (45 mins) for a baby or child when either parent books a full consultation (60 mins). To redeem quote Queens Park Mums when booking and take your Queens Park Mums card along on the day of your treatment.

You can find out more, or to book your consultation,  visit their website, or call 0208 969 4030.