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It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that we are an area of dog lovers. Simply walking through Queen’s Park or Tiverton Green (the dog owners haven!), a wide variety of beautiful canine creatures can be seen leaping around with excited abandon.  With this in mind, we couldn’t think of a better service to welcome into our leafy corner of London than Dr Marvin J.Firth’s County Canine.

Seeking a great veterinary surgeon can be hard work, but just looking at Dr Firth’s credentials should allow you to feel rest assured that your canine friend is in good hands.  County Canine’s high level of service and brilliant clinical outcomes have been nominated by Petplan for Petplan Vet of the Year 2018 and has received both the Lux Review Best Canine Healthcare Business 2018 award and Best New Veterinary Practice 2018 in the National Vet Awards.

Dr Marvin J.Firth aims to improve dogs’ comfort and mobility by combining modern veterinary medicine and traditional values with his expertise in additional therapies. Practices include physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy whose benefits were first learned within the field of sports medicine. Dr Firth now enjoys an international reputation as a veterinary chiropractic and has cases referred by his confreres – a testament to his competence. Not one to rest on his laurels, the experienced veterinary surgeon seeks to enhance dogs’ overall wellbeing and remain at the forefront of innovation in the pet care industry by proactively researching new treatment sources. 




Additional therapies seem to be very effective in the management of pain, poor mobility and incontinence and Dr Firth reports that some cases responded incredibly well to these treatments. Laser therapy in particular is a non-invasive technique that can be used in many cases (see his website for the extensive list of conditions it can treat) and leads to impressive results in the reduction of pain and inflammation as well as the acceleration of tissue repair and wound healing. Dr Firth tells us the rate of healing in surgical cases has been reported to nearly half when routine laser therapy is employed. Insurance companies are also realising the benefits of these additional therapies and many are now covering the fees.



All his consultations are in the clients’ home with the exception of referrals from vets.  Dr Firth understands home visits are often less stressful for owners who may have busy lives and young children. Along the same line, bringing a dog with poor mobility and a painful condition to a practice may not always be easy and dogs tend to respond better to some of the techniques when in their home environment. 

The consultations take into consideration the full medical history and the owners’ current concerns before establishing a plan of action and assessing the most promising treatment options. 

Appointments can be requested via the website and then a suitable time to visit is arranged over the phone. Dr Firth tries to ensure that he is available when needed and remains consistent in his service delivery – he’s even happy to provide his personal telephone number to help the process.

You can book in a visit via and follow Dr Marvin J.Firth on Instagram @countyequine and on facebook at canine chiropractic

A 10% discount is being offered on all consultations when quoting QPM’s.


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