The last term of 2017/18, and we have a range of wonderful classes in and around Queen’s Park for babies, toddlers and older children.  Most classes start from mid April, and end in June  – please check with individual organisations for exact dates.

There are quite a lot of classes here so for ease, we have split them into five sections:

1: Baby Massage, Yoga & Mindfulness
2. Creative Craft
3. Science based
4. Drama, Music, Dance & Singing
5. Sport & Movement

We have endeavoured to ensure all classes are correct (as of April 2018) but please do get in touch if you see any inaccuracies or would like your own class added.

Before booking, it’s always worth checking to see if clubs offer any special offers such as trial classes, early bird, sibling or even a QPMs discount.  Most classes that charge by the term will also allow you to join mid-term if there is space for a reduced rate.

Many of the local sports centres also hold a range of weekday and weekend classes, which we have linked at the end of this page.




Gentle Touch Baby Massage

  • Kensal Rise (Maqam Centre)
  • Suitable from birth to 9 months

A five week course following the IAIM programme which draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology. Many parents find massage a wonderful addition to the bedtime routine. The IAIM programme also teaches strokes to aid with digestion and colic.

Katherine Clarke Baby Massage

  • Kensal Rise (The Dojo)
  • Suitable for babies from birth

Baby massage and nurturing touch is a wonderful skill to learn with your baby, and to carry on through childhood.  Baby massage is a longstanding parenting practice used everyday in many cultures, with numerous benefits for both parent and baby, and it is great to learn to incorporate it into our more rushed western life.  Benefits include: a strengthened bond with your baby, increased confidence in handling your newborn and reduced crying and emotional distress.

Kids Yoga

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)

The children’s classes are an introduction to yoga through movement, breath and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment.  Based around stories and themes from the world around us we will explore the various yoga postures in a fun and interactive way. The intention is for each child to develop a healthy relationship to themselves and others in a relaxed and supportive space.

Milestones Baby Massage and Yoga

  • Kensal Green
  • For babies (birth – crawling)

Baby massage is a way of communicating with your baby through gentle strokes and movements. It teaches you so much about each other just through the amazing power of touch. Yoga is a fun way to play with your baby helping them to stretch,relax and uncurl. 5 week course.

mindful kidsLogo

Mindful Kids

  • Queen’s Park & Kensal Rise
  • For ages 2 – 5 years (KR) & 3-7 years (QP)

Children are introduced to the calming benefits of focusing their minds; yoga movements; sensory and breathing exercises; fun & engaging cooperation games, plus crafts & relaxation.

* Receive 10% off Mindful Kids classes when you book for the Term quoting QPM’s

Mother & Baby yoga

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)
  • Babies 6 weeks+ to crawling

Mother and Baby is a great way to practise yoga with your baby, in a friendly and supportive environment. The focus is to encourage post natal recovery, by stabilising the pelvis, strengthening core muscles and releasing tension from the body. This helps to raise energy levels and increase a sense of ease within the body. All of this is done whilst engaging your baby with songs and movements, providing an excellent opportunity to bond and spend time with your baby and meet other parents and carers to share the experiences of caring for a new baby.

Mum & Toddler Yoga

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)
  • 10 months – 4 years

The class introduces basic yoga asanas and sequences combining songs, games and props, as well as teaching the core principles of yoga. The classes are fun and playful with a focus on the child, encouraging them to maintain their curiosity in movement and the world around them, as well as develop confidence and self-awareness.

Ninja Kids’ Yoga

  • Queen’s Park (Maqam Centre)
  • For ages 4-7 years &

An active and calming kids yoga class nurturing healthy bodies and minds.  Yoga sessions provide kids with space where they can develop their radiant little selves through warm-up sequences, breath work, games, poses and relaxation.

Teen Yoga Tribe

  • Queen’s Park (Maqam Centre)
  • For ages 13-18 years

Life today is stressful, especially for teens.  Learn how yoga helps to relieve stress and find balance while providing teens with the gift of mindfulness, health and inner strength.


June 2013 Mini Picassos Banner 1

Toddler & Mini Picassos

  • Kensal Rise
  • For ages 4-7 & 8-11

Creative art classes for toddlers, allowing children to paint with easels, create their own art inspired by the great artists; play with dough and sing some fun songs too

*10% off Toddler Picassos when you book for the Summer term quoting QPM’s

Toddler Art

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)
  • For ages 15months – 4 years

Play, create and learn with Elaine Gristock. Be taken through the Alphabet to make artwork for a letter per week.



Little Scientists Club

  • Queen’s Park (Saturdays)
  • For children aged 3-6 years

Little Scientists Club courses help establish and strengthen the foundation for your child’s academic progress in the three branches of science – physics, chemistry and biology. In addition to learning about science, the courses teach children that every experiment is composed of steps they need to follow in order to achieve the intended result.Your child will have the opportunity to carry out a range of exciting activities and fun experiments including making a hovercraft, dissecting flowers, separating and mixing colours, making chemical reactions, the human body and more!



Ballet Tots

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)
  • For ages 2-3 / 3-4 / 4-5 / 5-7

Incorporating both traditional ballet music & popular children’s songs, these classes will develop your child’s musicality, imagination, co-ordination & love of performance. Basic ballet technique is taught along with the use of props:  pompoms, fairy wands, ribbons, tambourines, scarves & feathers! A colourful, inspiring setting for your little ones to share their love of dance & start to explore the magic of ballet. Classes are for both girls and boys to enjoy!

Daddy & Me 

  • Kensal Rise (Saturdays Gracelands Yard)
  • For ages 12 months – 3 years

“Daddy and Me” is a music programme designed especially for fathers and young children.

Traditional rhymes and songs and to start your Saturday mornings. Developing language, rhythm and social connection in a playful safe and relaxed environment. Siblings and grandfathers, welcome to join.

Diddi Dance

  • Kensal Rise
  • For ages 18months – 4 years

Funky pre-school dance classes for boys and girls.  Diddi Dance realises and encourages endless enthusiasm and energy in an action packed, full of fun 45-minute dance class.


Drama Queen’s 

  • Queen’s Park (Weekdays & Saturdays)
  • For ages 3-11 (taught in age groups)

Drama classes taught by professional actors using drama games, music and movement to teach voice, posture, movement, confidence, creativity, communication and social skills.

Fireflies Ballet

  • Queen’s Park & Kensal Green (Weekday & Saturdays)
  • For ages 2.5 – 5 / 5-7 / 7+

A beautiful, creative and structured introduction to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping.

*Option of RAD exams from 5+ and Grades 1&2 from 7+

Fireflies Hip Hop

  • Queen’s Park & Kensal Green (Weekday & Saturdays)
  • For ages 3+

A fast and funky class using all the favourite pop tunes. Children learn to reproduce movement as well as learning and performing choreography. Dance games are used help the children to build confidence and co-ordination in a fun way.

Hartbeeps (more information via QPM’s here)

  • Kensal Rise, Kensal Green & Willesden
  • For Newborns – toddlers

Hartbeeps put your child at the heart of our magical, musical adventures. All classes are set to a soundtrack of original songs, remixed nursery rhymes and lullabies. They take you and your little one on a sound journey and bring the story to life.


  • Kensal Rise
  • For ages 4-11

Huzzah Performing Arts and Mindfulness Classes are the perfect antidote to modern stress for children. We wake up imaginations, enliven a sense of self esteem, encourage socialisation and deliver weekly classes packed with fun! Calm, creative, confident kids are what we’re all about. Hop over the website to find out more about their unique and proven teaching techniques.

*QPM’s save £10 on weekly classes with the code QPM10

Little Bi-Linguals

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)
  • For toddlers

This Fun, engaging and highly effective! Infants from birth make no distinction between music, language, singing and speech, and so imitate the rhythm of a language long before they can say the words.  Viva Sing is a fun and engaging introduction to foreign languages for toddlers and their Carers. It offers an opportunity for children to begin learning important languages through a uniquely tailored combination of singing and signing.

Little Beep Beeps Music

  • Kensal Rise (Gracelands Yard)
  • For babies 0-18m / toddlers 18months – 4years

To see children engaging with all their senses and having fun with music is a wonderful thing and these classes allow them to do this. They also  help with language development, sociability, rhythm and motor skills and general confidence.

Little Learners

  • Kensal Green
  • For ages 5months – 5 years

Little Learners Award Winning Kensal Green Messy Play Classes for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers. Encouraging Children to Mark Make & Learn Through Play!

Mini Beats

  • Queen’s Park (Maqam Centre) & West Hampstead
  • For babies – 4 years
Drop in music session for babies and toddlers run by a singer/songwriter.
Guitar and lots of spontaneity, Millions of songs, a very eclectic mix, well known family favourites  and many original ones too.

Mini Mozart 

  • Queen’s Park & West Hampstead
  • For babies & toddlers

Mini Mozart classes use live music with at least 2 musicians performing and interacting with the children at every class. Interacting with live musicians makes children begin to process what they’re hearing so that they are actively listening, which aids their cognitive development.

*Mini Mozart is offering 33% off to new members from the Summer term (e mail to get the code).

Monkey Music

  • Queen’s Park and Willesden Green
  • For ages 3months – 3 years

Interactive music classes for babies and toddlers, led by professional musicians and teachers who love music because of the joy it brings to the children that they teach.

*Monkey Music is offering a £1 membership fee (discount of £16) when quoting QPM’s

Petite Performers

  • Queen’s Park & West Hampstead (weekdays & Saturdays)
  • For ages 16months – 6 years

Creative dance, ballet & hip hop classes based on a unique curriculum with bespoke music and original choreography.

Sing & Sign

  • Queen’s Park / Kensal Rise / West Hampstead
  • For ages 2-36months

Learn baby & toddler signing the fun way. Baby signing with Sing and Sign is easy because they make it fun to learn. Your baby will recognise important words sooner and can use the signs to “talk” to you before speech.

*10% off Sing and Sign classes in Queens Park, Kensal Rise & West Hampstead quoting Queen’s Park Mums when booking (contact – Harriet).



  • Queen’s Park / Kilburn
  • For ages 18months – 11 years

Energy burning, age appropriate, football fun, games, skills and drills.  Providing the very best kids’ football coaching for toddlers and children in London.

Little Kickers

  • Kensal Rise & Queen’s Park (Weekdays & Weekends)
  • For ages 18months – 7 years (different age groups)

Football classes that give children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high quality football skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment.  It’s the perfect way to ignite an enthusiasm for sport that will stay with them for life.

My Little Boarders 

  • Royal Oak & Westway Sports Centre (weekdays & weekends)
  • For ages 4-15

With highly trained instructors in a funky, cultural venue MLB aim to teach kids the basics of skateboarding, whilst allowing them to make new friends, learn skilful tricks, and maintain an interest in a type of exercise that is fun to do.

Rugby Tots

  • Maida Vale
  • For ages 2-7

Fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way whilst teaching how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.

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Swimming Nature

  • Queen’s Park
  • 3 months – 3 years / 3 – 16 years

Swimming Nature has been teaching babies, children and adults to swim for over twenty years, and pride themselves on being experts at in-water personalised swimming tuition.  Unlike more traditional swimming lesson providers, they teach purely on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis to maximise tuition time in the water.  The science behind their method means a cognitive approach to teaching, leading to fast learning and development in the four strokes.

*QPM’s receive a Free Trial Lesson plus 10% off their first terms booking. Offer applies to classes for children aged 3 years and over. Enter “QPM01” to get 10% discount online

Turtle Tots

  • Swiss Cottage
  • For babies and toddlers

At Turtle Tots our aim is to create a lifelong love of water and enhance the special bond between you, whilst your baby learns to swim. Our expert Turtle Tots teachers are highly responsive to individual needs and will adapt practices to ensure they are suitable for you and your baby.

Other options nearby:

Flip Out, Brent Cross
Gymboree: Hampstead O2 Centre
Jubilee Leisure Centre, Queens Park
Oxygen Freejumping, Acton
Paddington Recreation Ground, Maida Vale
Sheriff Centre, West Hampstead

Willesden Sports Centre                         

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