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blue{shift} creative coding camp!

It might seem like the new term has just started. The kids have just got into their new routines, settled into their new classes or maybe even new schools, and extracurricular activities are finally in full swing. But at blue{shift}, they’re buzzing with excitement for October half-term to begin! As a creative coding company that specialises in teaching children from ages 5-14 how to code and how to build and program robots, blue{shift} is getting itself ready for an amazing October half-term of fun, learning and even some spooky activities.

At blue{shift}, the belief is that coding should be a joy for children to learn and that they should be inspired to create something unique and tangible, so that programming becomes a passion and hobby for life. At a blue{shift} coding camp your child will be able to programme and create something completely unique, no matter what level of coding they are at. With robotics lessons included at all levels, campers will also be shown how coding can be applied to real-life situations.

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Blue{shift} offer three levels of coding courses at their holiday camps, so that anyone who has never coded before can take their first steps in the coding world, and so that more experienced coders can develop their skills and be challenged by their experienced teachers. For the beginners, Mini Coders is a great place to start. Aimed at 5 to 6 year olds, this course is a fantastic way for your little coder to get to grips with basic coding logic and computational thinking. For slightly older kids they offer two levels of Scratch and Robotics courses. In these courses campers will use the block-based programming language Scratch. They will be able to create unique art, games and animations and the two levels allows coders to come back to their camps and keep improving.

For the Minecraft mad out there, blue{shift} have their incredibly popular Minecraft Modding camps. Again this is offered at two skill levels, allowing for progression and increased complexity as our coders develop their abilities in creating unique Minecraft mods. For those ready to take the next step there is the exciting Let’s Make Apps! course that allows campers to start using a text-based coding language. At the end of this course campers will walk away with their very own apps that they can play on their tablet or phone! Finally, for their oldest and most advanced campers they have their level three courses, which teach children how to code with the widely used professional language JavaScript, and how to program using LEGO Mindstorms. These courses are taught in a fun and creative way, showing children that coding can be used as a form of expression rather than just a tool to control a computer.

As you can see they have quite the week planned for your little coders! This opportunity is open to all, no matter how much coding experience your child has. Blue{shift} hope to create a relaxed and supportive environment where campers can get stuck in, have fun, and pick up a new skill for life. The October camps are based in the Kensington area and are taking place from 22nd to 26th October, from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. To  find out more about any of the courses head to the website at, or email

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